Acme Generics Pvt. Ltd. is a newly constructed research based formulation facility, situated at Village Davni, Baddi, Distt. Solan (H.P) and about 60 km from Chandigarh Airport. The factory is situated in an open space with adequate green area surrounding the building. The environment is clean and is without polluting industry nearby.


New Solid Oral Facility:
Manufacturing of General Tablets / Capsules and Levothyroxine Tablets)

7 Billion Tablets & 2 Billion Capsules from General Block
6 Billion Tablets for Levothyroxine block

EU-GMP Hungary, TGA Australia, USA Approved for FDA 21 CFR compliance for manufacturing OTC and Dietary Supplements.

Facility area:
3, 00,000 Sq Ft.




  • 1800 tons of granulation capacity per annum.
  • Flexible batch size ranging from 45 Kgs. to 1500 Kgs.
  • 6 Granulation suites having High Shear Mixer-Granulator with inbuilt Co-mills, Fluid Bed Processor with top spray features, Octagonal Blender, Vacuum Transfer System for dust containment, Paste preparation areas, Sifter and Milling machines to cater different processing technologies.
  • All critical equipment are having 21 CFR & recipe based print out production capabilities.
  • Humidity to control BMS up to as low as 25% RH
  • Capabilities to handle light sensitive products.
  • Capabilities to handle Organic Solvent based granulating technology.


  • High end 7 tablet press with interchangeable turrets, Auto Weight Control (AWC) with inline metal detector to produce 7 billion tablets/annum.
  • Computerized automated system integrated with system control
  • RH controls to tune of 25 %
  • Bilayer Tableting capabilities available.


Auto Coater Machines of different sizes are also equipped along with other allied equipments

  • 5 Auto Coaters operated with Recipe based PLC programing integrated with load cell mounted solution spraying system installed.
  • Pan sizes of 24'', 36'',48'' and 60''.
  • Capabilities to handle Aqueous Film Coating, Sugar coating, Enteric coating and Organic Solvent based Coating operations.

Capsule Filling

  • Capacity of 2 billion capsules per annum with fully automated Filling machine with auto loading, defect detection/ rejection system , online polishing , metal detection etc.
  • Highly versatile machine to handle wide range of capsule filling solutions viz.
    1. a. Tablet-Granule (up to 2 tablet)
      b. Tablet-Tablet
      c. Pellet- Granule
      d. Pellet-Pellet
      e. Pellet- Tablet



14 Packing lines with following distribution:

  • 6 Hot form Blister machines, 2 Aluminum strip machines, 3 Cold Form Blister machines and 3 fully integrated bottle filling machines
  • Color camera based defect detection/ rejection system, Non fill detection (NFD)and Print Registration Control (PRC).
  • EU FMD serialization readiness by March 2019